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Passion. Love. Hard Work.

These are more than just words to us. They are values that we proudly share with you, our community.

We are driven by a passion for Sports Photography, for the adrenaline that rushes through your body before a motion, jump, or interception, before you reach your goal and go further or higher than you ever thought possible. Before a game, after a victory or in the heat of the action, our lenses are there to capture the candid essence of your efforts and the incredible intensity you put into it. We are also that extra team player on the bench who will support you throughout your journey to promote your career or team.


Your family is unique, and so is your love for one another. We are motivated by love, by preserving that moment, touch, and look in the eye, and creating forever memories that testify to your special connection.


Just like those who wake up early every day and give their everything to serve their customers and ensure their satisfaction, we believe in hard work. We utilize our creativity and work within your deadlines to ensure that your needs are met for promoting your business.


Comet Creation is more than a business to us. It is a new milestone in a creative journey that brought us from France  to the United States. It also the legacy of our beloved dog, Comet, who was a loving member of our family. She was an incredibly smart and brave companion who was able to overcome any challenge or demand, and an extraordinary being who ruled over our house and always kept an eye on us. If she were still with us today, she would greet you and adopt you as her own from the moment you first stepped foot in our house, keeping an eye on you and attending to your every need.

Now it is our turn, as we carry on her legacy and treat our customers with the same reverence and respect, driven by passion, love, and hard work.

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Our Vision

We are driven by a desire to preserve and create memorable for families, and to contribute to a sustainable future for the businesses in our community.

Our Mission

As a Visual Image Creator, we seek to convey your emotions and passions and transform them into lasting memories through the power of images.

We create compelling visuals and promotional materials to convey the values, faces and services of your company.

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Sylvain Mora

Owner, Comet Creation LLC

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